Obligation to Clients

  1. To provide clients with high-quality professional services.
  2. To remain current and up to date on matters relating to the bookkeeping profession.
  3. To protect the confidence of all aspects of the client’s business, or in the case of a nonbusiness entity, of all matters relating to the client.
  4. To be loyal to the client and work in the best interests of the client.
  5. Not to engage in any activity that is in conflict with the client’s interests.
  6. If asked to do something not in accordance with professional standards, first attempt to resolve the issue with the client, or if unable to resolve the situation, to resign and if necessary seek legal counsel.  At no time report this situation to an outside group or agency unless required by law.

Obligation to Society

  1. Conduct self with integrity
  2. Be objective in professional judgements, actions and interpretations.
  3. Provide government agencies, when requested, with information that is, to the best of their knowledge, is correct.

Obligation to Bookkeeping and Account Professions

  1. Shall not engage in any act that would discredit the bookkeeping or accounting profession.
  2. Share new, general, nonproprietary developments in account with other members of the bookkeeping and accounting professions.

Code of Ethics